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Infinitude association

Samples of experimental results

The first two voices were captured in sounds of a German radio broadcast. The words were completely transformed into French.

J'ai mis du temps mais j'l'ai retrouvée (I have looking for a long time, but I have found it). This answer was given by a young man in spirit whose little dog had died before he himself died. I had asked him during this experimental meeting if he had found his dog.


Aimer y a vraiment pas de secret (love it is not really a secret) was a message from a young boy in spirit to his mother still on Earth.


The following voice was obtained through a telephone answering machine:

Elle gratte sur la patte (She is scratching on the paw, or foot). This message was registered on the answering machine during a contact with the husband of a woman who was with us at home. For that we used our answering machine as recorder, like a magnetophone. While we were recording, our friend was "scratching" on the feet of our cat who was sitting on her lap. Apparently her husband was right here with us, observing what she was doing!

The future

Our plans are:

  • To continue to help people who suffer a bereavement

  • To involve us a little more in the research and analyze of voices

  • To help, study and write about the trapped souls

  • To continue our ITC "Tour de France".

July 31, 2002

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